I’m 24 years old. Freelance Software engineering and DevOps consultant. Right now I work for GLAMI.

Professional career

Since Nov 2021: DevOps/MLOps engineer at GLAMI. I am responsible for building our infrastructure on AWS with Terraform and operating our applications on AWS EKS aka Kubernetes.

Sep 2020 - Nov 2021: Co-Founded SikaLabs with Ondrej Sika. A DevOps consulting company (we also did implementation of proposed solution). Our main focus was on on-premise Kubernetes and helping companies build cloud native applications.

Since Sep 2020: DevOps consulting and training.

Oct 2019 - Apr 2020: Volunteer at IAESTE Czech Republic as IT Manager
My main responsibility was keeping legacy infrastructure and systems up and running. Some where legacy PHP or Java apps running on VMs (private KVM on baremetal). Some new systems are hosted at their developers to reduce the need of dedicated IT, since it requires a lot of time to keep together. Microsites for small events are deployed in managed Kubernetes so no need to manage linux servers, the goal is to migrate everything to Kubernetes. GitLab and CI was havily used with Kubernetes and all historic projects are archived.

My first experience with computers was in 2011 when I was hosting a game server for friends. Since then I was interested in (linux) servers . After a while I was helpdesk at Czech gamehosting Hicoria.com.

Shortly after my first server went live I got interested in having a website, so I started to learning programming in PHP.

Aug 2019 - Jun 2020: Software developer at BeetFit s.r.o (BeetFit.com)

Since Apr 2018: Freelance software developer

Sep 2016 - Jun 2017: Teacher at Centre of leisuire time activities
I was teaching some basic IT at Centre of leisuire time activities in Prague. I had 3 courses which were:

It was great experience and even I learned a lot, some things were new for me on technical side of things (my knowledge is not infinite). But I learned much more about how to teach, how to manage group of people, how to share your knowledge and one day I would love to take this skills in use by doing trainings or short courses for example.

Sep 2013 - Sep 2014: Helpdesk at Hicoria.com game hosting
My responsibility was answering tickets and configuring the game servers if needed. At the end I shifted more towards VPS rather then gaming.


At some point I have been working (professionally or in personal manner) with these technologies:

git, PHP, nginx, SQL databses (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL), Sentry, Redis, RabbitMQ, NodeJS (Yarn, Webpack, Vue.js), Python, Java, Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Alpine), Docker, GitHub & GitLab & BitBucket, GitLab CI, Kubernetes, Digital Ocean’s cloud (Managed Kubernes), Apache web server, Traefik, Terraform, Pakcer, Hugo, Netlify

Technical interests

The following list is about things - technologies, concepts, software etc. I am interested in and would love to look into:

git, PHP, Golang, Rust, NodeJS, async programming, distributed systems, cloud (AWS), serverless, devops, security, linux (servers), SQL databases (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL), Redis, message queues (RabbitMQ, AWS SQS), multiplayer games, realtime apps, APIs & gRPC, scalable infrastructure, Kotlin, Docker, Kubernetes, nginx

Personal information

I am a scout and I have been part of Scout for 15 years. Which has provided me with great experience of leading people and also of first aid for example. I am interested in adrenalin sports such as paragliding and parachuting.